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Actin dynamics
Regulation of cell migration
Cell adhesion
Cell adhesion
migration in disease
migration during development
migration in development

Welcome to the website of the
European Cytoskeletal Forum

The European Cytoskeletal Forum (ECF) has been the academic forum for cytoskeleton research in Europe for the last 41 years.

  The next European Cytoskeletal Forum
-BSCB-Biochemical Society
Cell migration meeting will be held from 15-18th of
 April 2024
in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Abstract & early booking deadlines: 15 February 2024
To register please follow this link to the Biochemical Society website.

Keynote Lectures:

Cynthia Reinhart-King

Michael Sixt


•Regulation of Cytoskeletal Dynamics

•Control of cell migration

•Computational and mathematical approaches to cell migration

•Physical context of cell of migration

•Cell migration in disease and development
           Programme and Organising Committee:

Peter Bieling, MPI, Dortmund

Susana Godinho, Barts Cancer Institute, London

Matthias Krause, King’s College London

Karen Liu, King’s College London

Laura Machesky, University of Cambridge


Confirmed speakers:

Lindsay Case

Yi Feng

Greg Giannone

Nir Gov

Guillaume Jacquemet

Antoine Jégou

Darius Koester

Kate McDole

Verena Ruprecht

Samantha Stehbens

Daniela Vignjevic

Tobias Zech

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